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-- ABOUT --

Jennifer has always worked in the design & creative industries and pottery is a place where she has been able to use her knowledge to express her ideas manually & creatively. She draws inspiration from the sea & landscape and can spend hours here, completely absorbed in a (life?) long journey into design, science and history with endless possibilities. Fascinated in ancient practices and exploring new ideas on form & design. The final product left ultimately to chance in firing, finds the most rewarding or heartbreaking results. She has set forth to sea on this never-ending voyage. 

Please get in contact if you have any enquiries about exhibitions or collaboration work.


A 'stick man' boat seems like a fitting mark for the work. A naive icon representing beginnings. Like a child's early drawings. 'The boat' felt like an icon of freedom, connected to the water where she draws inspiration. Sailing away from what was before but not without being aware of precision, research and continual practice. 



Work is released in series here on the online shop. Releases will be announced through the newsletter & instagram.  

- -  W H O L E S A L E  - -

If you have any wholesale enquiries or commissioned work please get in contact, based on availability Jen will send you a pricing list/quote.